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Having a web site means so much more today than it did when FMPWEB/Foster Enterprises began providing web services over 14 years ago. Professional web design is even more important today with more people competing for page views. Search engine optimization is more important and should be part of your site's design. In some cases, online marketing is necessary to drive business to your site. Content management systems are the best way to manage a site's content to keep it up to date. The web landscape has evolved, but we try to make it easier than ever to have a web site.

Since 1997, FMPWEB/Foster Enterprises has delivered professional web design, Lasso applications, and web hosting. Our understanding of database management and back end systems enables us to make your web site work for you. We can provide your site with content management, professional design, SEO, online marketing, PPC management, email marketing and custom e-commerce so you can concentrate on running your business.

FMPWEB has always utilized the power of databases to help drive our web sites. We began this business to make the power of dynamic, database-driven web content easy and affordable for any individual or organization. We can provide you with these tools to take your web site to the next level productivity for you or your organization.