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See other web sites in the FMPWEB/Foster Enterprises portfolio

Foster Enterprises offers web design, web applications and hosting. We provide all of these services as well as SEO and email marketing to help our clients create a successful web presence.

All sites should start with a good, professional design. Foster Enterprises starts any website design with a simple Photoshop comp of a page design/layout. It makes it fast and easy to prototype one or more site designs for a customer. Once the customer signs off on a design we employ efficient hand-coded HTML along with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to create a fast loading site that is managed easily with a content management system.

Our content management system is designed to easily manage a client's content in a MySQL database, and it also simplifies the SEO and site updates going forward. It allows clients to control Meta tags, titles, and image tags - the basics are handled automatically. The content management systems can be easily customized for each customer's specific needs. Foster Enterprises also offers plug-n-play solutions specific to the needs of artists and art galleries, antique dealers, and photographers. More information will be available about these industry specific solutions, but you can see example in our portfolio now. E-commerce features are easily integrated into most sites, or we can build a complete solution tailored to any special needs.

We back this all up with a first class, reliable hosting service. We maintain our own Unix-based servers running Apache so that we can be sure our sites are always available. They are located in a first-class network center with redundant Internet connectivity, redundant air conditioning, and fire suppression that is protected with 24 hour security.